5 TikTok Creators Every Musician Should Follow!

Want to keep up with the latest TikTok trends? Want to spin that inspo into your own engaging TikTok content? Then you’ll need to follow creators that consistently make great videos.

In a recent episode of the DIY Musician Podcast, we asked Rachel Bearinger (CD Baby’s social media manager) for her…

Top 5 TikTok accounts to follow:

1. John Mark Nelson

“John built his following through duet prompts, and his songs are well-produced,” says Rachel. “He posts many different types of videos promoting his music that are co-optable. Steal his ideas!”

What to learn: Different ways to prompt your viewers to participate and collaborate with your content.

@johnmarknelson Duet This #duet #guitar #bassguitar #drums #percussion #singing #lofi #musiciansoftiktok #instrumental ♬ original sound – John Mark Nelson

2. Sammy Copley

“Sammy is an example of an artist building up a TikTok following slowly but surely,” Rachel explains. “Though he’s had some videos perform very well, posting consistently is what has helped him gain an extremely loyal following.”

What to learn: How to keep your content centered around the meaning and emotion of original songwriting.

@sammycopley cut off by a low battery warning lol anyway this is the cheesiest song i’ve ever written and i think it’s delightful #piano #originalmusic #oldmarriedcouple ♬ old married couple song – sammy copley

3. Adanna Duru

” Adanna gained a following from showcasing her singing skills while also being funny and entertaining,” says Rachel.

“There are great examples of different ways to promote your music — like music video snippets, dancing, song performances. She’s very on top of trends.”

What to learn: Blending musical talent with humor and charisma in a way that feels immediate and unfiltered.

@adannaduru pt 654 going out w my white friends be like #singing #rihanna #kesha #pitbull ♬ original sound – adanna duru

4. The Pocket Queen

Rachel says: “If you want to lean really hard into performance videos, PQ’s account is a masterclass.”

What to learn: Take notes on Pocket Queen’s video editing style, audio production, and virtuosic technique.

@thepocketqueen A lick I learned from my dad…. Duet me! 👸🏾♥️♠️ #thepocketqueen #fyp #fy #loop #pqloopoftheweek ♬ original sound – thepocketqueen

5. Algie Powers

“Algie is a great example of how TikTok isn’t just for gen Z,” says Rachel. “She’s amassed a huge following by covering contemporary songs, and also makes videos just showing how she lives her life, giving advice along the way.”

What to learn: Talent and wisdom are timeless. You’re never too old to try a new platform, mode of creative expression, or music promo technique.

@algiepowers MICHIGAN 🔸 THE MILK CARTON KIDS @The Milk Carton Kids #milkcartonkids #michigan #music #cover #acoustic #acousticcovers #singing #guitar ♬ original sound – Algie Powers

Extra Credit: The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife

“Since this isn’t a musician account, it might seem out of left field,” explains Rachel, “But this social media manager is killing it with trends.”

What to learn: Follow this account to stay in-the-know about the latest TikTok trends, and see funny examples of how those trends can be used.

@okwildlifedept The cutout is a paid actor but Wade is not #oklahoma #wildlife #conservation #outdoors #funny #gamewarden #nature ♬ original sound – BLAKE

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