CD Baby Delivers Your Music to Ayoba

With music streaming services catering to listeners in different territories around the world, it’s more important than ever for artists to make sure their music is on all the digital platforms. That’s why CD Baby is always looking for new opportunities to get your music in front of as many new fans as possible, no matter where they are or what platform they use.

To that end, we’ve formed a new partnership with the African streaming service Ayoba.

What is Ayoba?

Ayoba is what’s known as a “superapp” in the tech world. That means it offers just about any function its users could ask for. From messaging to video chat to gaming, Ayoba users have access to everything they need, including music.

In October 2021, Ayoba launched a new Music homepage in their app as part of the platform’s increased focus on users streaming music and sharing their playlists with friends. According to AppsAfrica, Ayoba’s music listeners had grown from 40,000 at the beginning of 2021 to 300,000 at the end of that year.

Part of Ayoba’s success in its music streaming service is that it’s free for users. Anyone who’s already using the app can stream music with free data on the MTN network. MTN is the largest telecommunications company in Africa.

How do I get my music on Ayoba?

CD Baby delivers your music to Ayoba along with our other digital partners as part of our distribution. As long as you’re distributing music to streaming platforms with CD Baby, you don’t need to do anything! As with our partnerships with other digital platforms like Peloton and Joox, we’ll deliver your music to Ayoba automatically.

Credits: CD Baby Delivers Your Music to Ayoba