Distribute Your Music in Time for the Holiday Season

Here’s your friendly reminder to get your holiday tracks ready to distribute now!

Platforms like Spotify and Apple Music have advanced deadlines for holiday distribution, AND you’re gonna need time to get the word out too.

Go HERE to see how long it takes to get your music live during the holidays.

Why do so many artists release holiday music?

Streaming activity goes into overdrive during December, thanks in part to people binging on holiday music. But it’s not just the same old Mariah Carey and Bing Crosby songs; there are almost endless holiday playlists, many of them curated by folks who are hungry for new takes on the old classics. Recording a few holiday tunes is one of the best ways you can connect with new listeners who might not have otherwise heard your music.

But before you choose the song(s) you’re going to tackle, you should know ahead of time whether or not you need to pay a publisher/songwriter for the right to release their song.

HERE is a list of which Christmas songs are in the Public Domain.

Is the holiday song you want to release still protected under copyright  No worries, you can still cover it. Just go HERE to get a cover song license through our friends at Easy Song Licensing.

And happy holiday recording!

Credits: Distribute Your Music in Time for the Holiday Season