Igniting Your Music’s Potential with CD Baby Boost

You’ve put out songs. You’re getting streams. You’re building a fan base. But are you making the most out of your music? You might not be if you haven’t added CD Baby Boost to your releases.

If you’re still waiting on your streams to rack up enough to lead to a payout, you may be waiting for a while. In the meantime, though, there are plenty of ways to make money from the music you worked so hard to create.

How To Turn Sound Waves Into $

So, what’s CD Baby Boost, and how can it help you earn more?

CD Baby Boost enables us to collect royalties that are generated for you, and add you to a sync licensing library that gives your songs the chance to be used in other media.

Here’s the detailed breakdown:

  • We ensure that you receive royalties generated from USA-based streaming mechanicals through The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC)
  • We secure your label share of SoundExchange revenue via non-interactive digital performance royalties
  • We unlock the potential for your tracks and compositions to be placed in movies, TV shows, video games, or commercials through sync licensing

We cover all this and more on the DIY Musician Podcast, so click here if you want a deep dive.

If you add this service to any of your releases, you can rest assured that you’re not missing out on any mechanical or sound recording royalties generated from the use of your music in the United States.

And don’t worry if you’re not living in the United States yourself — you can take advantage of CD Baby Boost from anywhere in the world.

Which of My Songs Are Eligible?

Hopefully, you’ll release a LOT of songs throughout your months, years, or decades of making music.

Sometimes you might be inspired to write your own songs, and other times, you might want to put out a cover song of a popular tune that requires a license, or one that’s in the public domain.

Here’s a chart to help you determine which types of songs are eligible to receive royalties from which organizations:

Types of Songs The MLC Sync Licensing SoundExchange
Original Composition
Cover Song
Public Domain

What if I Used To Use CD Baby Pro Publishing?

If you registered any of your singles, EPs, or albums through our retired service, CD Baby Pro Publishing, you’re in luck! You can add CD Baby Boost to those releases for free.

Even if you added CD Baby Pro Publishing to songs that are still under the “Incomplete Releases” section of your CD Baby account, these qualify for CD Baby Boost as well.

Got any other questions? The Legacy Pro Publishing section of our Help Center is a great place to start.

Put Your Music in a Rocket Ship

Here’s the bottom line: CD Baby Boost launches your music journey to new heights by increasing your revenue potential.

Don’t rely solely on the pennies that come from streaming, and leave royalties from The MLC and SoundExchange on the table. And don’t miss out on the potential to earn more — and increase your audience — by getting your songs placed in other media.

You can release songs AND make more money from your music in one convenient place.

Add CD Baby Boost to your releases today!


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