Making $200,000 From Your Artist Website

The most successful indie artists aren’t just gaining attention on social and streaming platforms. They’re making the most of that attention and getting fans to follow them off-platform… to their own musician website!

Having your own pro website is one of the keys to a sustainable music career, not just because you can galvanize your community, create a deeper experience, collect leads, and control the conversation. But also because of a little something called eCommerce.

How Adam Ezra made $200k from his artist website

Independent roots-rock artist Adam Ezra exemplifies how to use an artist website effectively. He’s been proactive in connecting with his dedicated fans, but that connection also allowed him to make over $200,000 right from his Bandzoogle website.

And sales through a Bandzoogle website store are COMMISSION FREE, meaning Adam kept 100% of what he sold, including:

  • merch
  • house shows
  • concert and livestream tickets
  • weekend music retreats
  • digital music bundles
  • and more

In this episode of the DIY Musician Podcast, Ezra provides tips for indie artists to achieve the same level of success:

Cool merch + creative offers + loyal fans

I hope you found our discussion with Adam inspiring and gave you a few specific things to try when you create offers and experiences for your audience.

I think the one thing that can’t be stressed enough is: Adam has an incredible connection with his fans. They’ve not only bought into his music, but also the vibe and people and joy and catharsis that surrounds his music. He worked hard over many years to build that community, and his success is really a combination of those years of hard work, mixed with his ability to put the right offers in front of the right people.

Creative products and experiences are nothing without willing customers. And you can have all the fans in the world and still never sell a thing if you don’t make cool merch, a compelling reason to buy it, and an actual invitation to purchase.

Thanks to Adam for sharing his wisdom!

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Credits: Making $200,000 From Your Artist Website