Talk Directly to Your Fans on Spotify

This upcoming 2022 Wrapped season, give your fans on Spotify a shoutout, tell them what’s happening in your life, and let them know how thankful you are for their support.

Spotify’s announcement about Artist Messages says:

Record a short, under-30-second video to let fans know what their support meant to you in 2022.

You can thank your fans, tease what you’re working on next, or tell a story that defined your year.

Once your video is uploaded and approved, it will appear in a Wrapped video playlist personalized to each listener.

Be part of the biggest fan moment of the year and have your message viewed by the people who listened to you most in 2022.

Spotify suggests you do these things by October 24th:

  • Record a vertical, under-30-second “thank you” video
  • Make sure your video has no music, singing, or lyrics; no explicit content; no logos or brands; and no added text, graphics, or filters
  • Upload via Spotify for Artists on the app or desktop web

Video submissions will open on October 24 and close November 18th.

Credits: Talk Directly to Your Fans on Spotify