By Artists, for Artists: Elena

By Artists, for Artists: Elena Did you know that every song submitted to CD Baby is prepared by an actual human before reaching its digital destination? Elena is one of those actual humans. She also happens to be the bassist, singer and co-writer for Gentle Bender, a garage-punk duo. Elena inspects and verifies songs before they are delivered to global […]

Why Your Music Goals Aren’t Enough

Why Your Music Goals Aren’t Enough An obscure artist and a megastar may’ve had the same exact goal: To reach millions with their music. What separated the two? Their habits. One musician built a system where tiny daily wins compounded. The other kept dreaming of their goal, waiting for a big change to happen. Systems are more important than goals […]

How to Mic Acoustic Guitar

How to Mic Acoustic Guitar It can be tough to mic acoustic guitars when you’re recording. Every instrument is unique, every player is different, and not everyone agrees on how an acoustic guitar should even sound: Chimey & clear? Boomy & percussive? Dead & woody? For an instrument as orthodox as the acoustic guitar, there are still endless possibilities. Too […]

10 Things You Should Do as Soon as You Sign Up for Music Distribution

10 Things You Should Do as Soon as You Sign Up for Music Distribution Whenever you release new music, you don’t want it to just be AVAILABLE on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. You want people to care. Every new release should be a building block in your career, something that helps you reach more listeners and generate more […]

Big Keynote Announcement!

Big Keynote Announcement! Yes, there are dozens of workshops and mentor sessions planned this year, each of them giving you a chance to go deep on specific strategies, platforms, or techniques. But we also think it’s crucial to explore some of the big, universal questions: How can my music make a lasting impact and emotional connection? How can I stay […]

E-commerce 101 for Musicians

E-commerce 101 for Musicians The world of e-commerce can be confusing for independent musicians. With services like Shopify and Stripe to research and terms like drop-shipping to learn, it’s tough to just get started, let alone succeed. That’s why we’re here to give you a crash course in e-commerce for artists. We’ll cover platform options, things to be aware of […]