Promote Your Music with Amazon AMP

Promote Your Music with Amazon AMP One of the most meaningful ways to connect with fans is to talk to them. [Wow, Captain Obvious; great insight!] But I mean it literally: TALK to them. Not like you’re shooting a viral video, but rather taking part in a patient conversation. Your closest fans will appreciate the chance to interact with you […]

A Musician’s Guide to Threads

A Musician’s Guide to Threads By now you may have heard about Meta’s “Threads” taking over the social media micro-blogging space where Twitter once ruled king. In Episode #343 of the DIY Musician Podcast, we chat with Rachel Bearinger, independent musiciand and social media strategist for CD Baby, about: What sets Threads apart What it means for DIY musicians And […]

Lee Wilson’s Genre-Defying Success

Lee Wilson’s Genre-Defying Success Independent musician Lee Wilson found sudden and unexpected audience-growth when he experimented with different sounds, genres, and collaborators. Years of R&B grind transformed in a moment to EDM success. What exactly WAS that moment, how did it feel, and how did he get there? That’s the topic of this segment of “The Spark,” an ongoing series […]